Slow down. Respect the limit. Traffic enforcement in Hwy 99 construction zone results in 23 vehicle impoundments for excessive speed.


2020-06-30 15:14 PDT

 The Richmond RCMP Road Safety Unit conducted a 4-day traffic operation in the construction zone on Highway 99 after officers from the unit noticed that drivers weren’t respecting the posted speed limit of 70 km/hr. While the officers knew many motorists weren’t following the posted limit, the number of vehicles impounded as a result, was both surprising and disappointing.

In a 10-hour project conducted between June 22 and 25, officers from the Road Safety Unit issued 23 excessive speeding tickets which triggers an automatic 7-day vehicle impoundment. Under the BC Motor Vehicle Act, excessive speeding is defined as driving more than 40 km/hr over the posted limit.

Photo of impounded vehicles

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There were four vehicles which were travelling at speeds in excess of 140 km/hr. The two highest speeds recorded were both motorcycles; one travelling at 150 km/hr and the other at 147 km/hr. Additionally, two of the cars impounded were being operated by Class 7 new drivers.

Photo of impounded motorcycle and Dragon Eye speed LIDAR (LASER) showing 150 km/hr speed

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The lack of respect for the clearly posted speed limit is frightening, says Corporal Peter Somerville, NCO in-charge of Traffic Enforcement for the Richmond Road Safety Unit, These drivers have zero regard for the safety of the workers and other motorists who are following the speed limit.

Highway 99 is a heavily utilized commuter route with a typical posted speed limit of 90 km/hr, however, for the safety of the workers, the speed limit in the construction zone has been changed to 70 km/hr. The construction zone is in the northbound lanes and runs from the Steveston Highway on/off ramp to the Westminster Highway on/off ramp.

There is even an electronic board which clearly shows motorists the speed they are travelling at to try and get them to slow down, says Cpl. Somerville, It’s clear, however, that drivers just aren’t respecting it so for the safety of the workers, we will continue to be out there, enforcing it.

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